Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Miscellaneous Projects

I got distracted for the last month by an explosion of fabric cacti and some reupholstering (see below) but have just finished portrait number 22 (out of 25) so still chugging away at my quilt!

I especially like the bandana and eye crinkles

We have an open space above our cabinets which I've wanted to fill with plants since we moved in. It's not an easy place to get to for us to take care of real plants, so fabric plants felt ideal. This past month I dove into making cacti - SO MANY CACTI!

We also reupholstered our chairs to this awesome pineapple print which I picked up a year+ ago when visiting my brothers in Chicago. The renewed chairs feel so fresh and snazzy -- Danny and I are practically actual adults at this rate!

Left is the new pattern-amazing-so-gorgeous(!) & the right is the boring-old-one-booo-snooze-fest

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