Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 11 : Newly Painted Bathroom

I'm back at my parent's house in Vermont and, as usual, have found a new exciting task to keep me busy. The latest project? Painting the downstairs bathroom.

Before – boring white walls with lots of shhtuff on them
Before (fun side-note: on the wall is a self portrait I painted in 2005 when I was a student at GIA and underneath, a portrait I did of my mom cooking in 2003)
Planning how to paint everything
Gluing postcards to the wall
After – Finished and beautiful!
After – still so beautiful!
This wall features a bunch of my dad's art show announcement postcards from 1997 - I glued each card onto the wall and then used a clear sealant on top.
Here's a close up of the post cards – I especially appreciate the diagonal pattern they make when taken in as a whole.
Come visit and you could sit right THERE!
Newly Finished Bathroom
Special shout-out to Danny who mega-helped with the painting, music selection and general positive attitude vibe. Swing by the Leslie's house to experience this new deluxe room and all that it has to offer!