Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 19 : Happy Belated Birthday Ave!

It was my brother Ave's birthday in April and as it turned out, I just so happened to be visiting him, so I got to hand-deliver his present. I've long wanted to take an old frame and instead of filling it with photos, fill it with hand drawn images... and finally, I did just that!

Ave, myself & my other brother Woody

Ave & I singing the Columbia University Fight Song on the streets of NYC

Whole Family at Jed & Taina's Wedding

Ave & I at Dee & Traci's Wedding

Assorted Pets & Stuffed Animals

High School Graduation

Crutch Livin'
Men's Soccer League Superstar!
Ave & Woody Sword Fighting

And of course there was a cake to finish the festivities:

Vanilla cake with chocolate whipped cream frosting & Heath Bar decorations