Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 18 : Kayak Watercolors

Hello again! I haven't posted since March, which is insane. My last post was when I finally stopped crutching around NYC - since then I've been walking all over and very far from Brooklyn. Danny and I left NY at the end of May and spent the majority of the summer in VT with my rockin' parents. We then packed our bags and have been traveling the country since August. We're currently in FRESNO, CA - just left Sequioa National Park and are on our way to Yosemite.

Here are some obligatory pics of places we've been exploring:

Someplace in Utah....

Sequioa National Park - atop Moro Rock overlooking the Sierra Nevada Mountains in CA

Kings Canyon National Park, CA

And here are some watercolors from my sketchbook from early on in our travels -  clearly I'm dating a kayaker! It's been fun because while Danny kayaks, I get to set up shop on the side of the river.

Yough Falls Race - Ohiopyle, PA

Raquette River - Beaver Fest in upstate NY

Taylorville section of the Beaver River - Beaver Fest in upstate NY

Upper Gauley River - Gauley Fest in WV

We are having a blast - really glad to be on the road doing this crazy trip! I'll try to keep this a little better updated, but, we'll see. Yosemite here we come!